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  • Contracting

    HighAngle Contracting is the premier wireless telecommunications contractor in British Columbia. Our main focus after safety, is quality. We do not cut corners when it comes to doing an installation right. Great care is taken to be property friendly and we will do what it takes to make landlords and customers happy. Take a look around the website, our work will speak for itself!

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  • Highangle Technical


    Highangle Technical offers end-to-end inside wiring solutions for all data applications. HighAngle’s scope covers a full spectrum of activities from design and planning stage to the installation and commissioning of cabling and equipment. Leveraging decades of experience and industry-leading standards, Highangle provides exceptional service in:

    • Project and resource management
    • Network and infrastructure design
    • Installation and commissioning of cabling and equipment
    • Home and business solutions

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  • HighAngle Electrical


    HighAngle Electrical Inc is a new division to the HighAngle Group of companies that services all of British Columbia. We have added a group of highly experienced electrical staff to our culture of success and quality. We have the drive to innovate and deliver the highest standards that set us apart. It is our mission not only to remain competitive but lead the way within all sectors of the Electrical Industry whether locally in the lower mainland, on Vancouver Island, the Fraser Valley or anywhere else in British Columbia. From the smallest job to the largest contract, HighAngle Electrical is committed to the same level of service and quality. Reach out to HighAngle Electrical today and let us put our experience and expertise to work for you.

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Everything Under One Roof

In today’s telecommunications world, few companies have the capabilities and resources to handle multi-faceted jobs, all under one roof. Many aspects of jobs are outsourced to 3rd party contractors; the personalized touch, first hand control, and cost savings opportunities of a project can be lost.
When a customer comes to us, our “Everything Under One Roof” philosophy enables our in-house team to quickly offer the best solution. Here at the Highangle Group of companies, we have created a structure of services that allows us to provide the necessary resources to complete the job, all under one roof! We make sure our quality never wavers, while always looking to expand and provide the best service for our customers.

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